❝ At some point the future becomes reality. And then it quickly becomes the past. ❞
—   Haruki Murakami - 1Q84 (via quotablebookquotes)   —

Vista sobre el Sena (detail), Eliseo Meifrén Roig, ca. 1890

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(i’m breathless, 1990)

"I think my character’s really aware of what’s going on in the world and I think she thinks that peace and love are flaws in everybody’s theory about how the world should work, and she’s very realistic, and she knows she can get an average job or she can try to fight something or try to change the world or she can try to fix the environment or she can fall in love and have kids, and what happens in the end I think its kind of… She’s fine here, it just works, and there’s no romance about anything. She’s free. She may be in a mental institution, she may be locked up but she’s the most free person I’ve ever played." - Angelina Jolie on Lisa Rowe

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Manner of George Gower, Portrait of Elizabeth I, The Armada portrait (detail)

16th century

A long time ago…

MADONNA about Britney Spears: There’s a certain fragility about her and vulnerability about her that makes me feel maternal towards her. There are aspects about her that I recognize in myself when I first started out in my career. I also admire her talent as an artist. (…) I was very privileged in my own life to be able to go to New York, make mistakes, and have scary situations happen to me, make wrong decisions, choose wrong people to do things with, you know what I mean? Without the whole world, you know, putting a magnifying glass on you, and she’s never had that opportunity. What happens is, you make a mistake, the whole world is watching you. They beat up on you. Or, they’re not even mistakes sometimes, it’s just called growing up.